After a fairly quiet winter, we’re now entering a busier time for events. We’ve got a number on our radar over the next couple of months and have noticed dormant event Twitter feeds slowly coming back to life and a growing number of reminder emails landing in our inboxes.

This type of ‘event hibernation’ syndrome serves to highlight the importance of keeping conversations flowing all year long, if event companies are to ensure their offerings stand out and attract the size and breadth of audience they are looking for.

We’ve touched before on the importance of keeping a Twitter feed active throughout the year, but we also advise maintaining the profile of your event by contributing regular guest by-lines to target publications.

By identifying topical issues, news stories and debates that tie in with your event’s key themes, or simply those that resonate well with your target audience, you should be able to not only keep your offering front of mind for people, but also catch the interest of a broader audience. As well as boosting footfall, ensuring a sustained PR and marketing campaign during the course of the year should help ease the pressure in the final few months leading up to your event.

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