Biomass is a controversial topic. There is no shortage of debate on the competing uses for wood and the increasingly wide range of potential energy crops – be it fuel, heat, construction, or consumption!

In the UK, DECC have to take myriad options into consideration, along with complex issues relating to competition for land use between biomass and food produce. However, one of the main advantages of biomass over other renewable energy sources is that it can provide a low-carbon bridging fuel that is available now and is proven.

As a result, biomass firms are keen to push ahead with their development plans despite the pervading policy uncertainty.

This presents them with a complex communications challenge: they must explain how and where their product or service fits within the evolving policy debate, how they will address environmental concerns, and focus on the benefits their product or service can deliver today.

The answer to this challenge lies in messaging. Biomass companies need to assemble a small number of concise, and simple yet hard-hitting messages that provide a platform for their wider PR programme. These core messages must clearly communicate the company’s contribution to the market, its stance on policy, and future roadmap.

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