Video is an important tool to use when promoting your event. Not only can it help to improve your event’s Google rankings, it can also make your website more interactive and engaging.

The growth of video content is compelling. Cisco predicts that two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2017 and you only need to take a look at news websites to see how much content is now delivered via video rather than conventional text.

When it comes to using video to promote your event, we recommend a three stage approach.

First, produce a short piece to camera by the event’s director explaining what the event is all about, who it targets, and why people should attend. Here, it is vital to remember that less is more. You should ensure you get your key messages across in a couple of minutes, otherwise you risk losing the audience’s attention and the video may take too long to load.

Second, film the key speeches during the event and then edit these down to several succinct sound bites, which can be uploaded to your website.

Finally, capture footage from the show floor that shows visitors actively engaging with exhibitors. Again, this should be kept to a couple of minutes for use on the website.

Follow these three steps, remember less is more, and you should see engagement and your SEO rankings rise as a result.

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