However, some of the biggest players have for years sought behind-the-scenes help from communications experts on issues such as brand and marketing, as confirmed by an article in Absolute Return last week.

While PR has traditionally been the preserve of the few as far as hedge funds are concerned, this is set to change as difficult market conditions mean that they have to work harder at communications if they stand a chance of setting themselves apart.

For many, their marketing strategy was about producing standard promotional materials designed to highlight the quality of their top people, their performance, and their strategy. But, from conversations our financial services team has had with those holding the purse strings and the individuals advising them, it’s clear that the time has come for change. Indeed, when was the last time hedge funds took time out to think hard about the type of information investors and advisers really want?

Quality and highly targeted marketing content is crucial. A formulaic approach will no longer suffice. Furthermore, it will be the hedge funds that consider the bigger communications picture that will really build confidence in their brand and image, as well as their strategy. This extends beyond traditional marketing techniques and takes time and expertise to develop.

Adopting a more considered and strategic approach to PR and marketing will provide hedge funds with the edge they need to stand out from the crowd. In turn, this means they have a better chance of fundraising. The upside is clear and what’s more, if the big boys have been at it for a while, the rest of the industry cannot afford to be left behind.

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