Here are the top three low-budget tips for promoting your events in 2013 from the Aspectus PR’ B2B Event Marketing team:

1) Tweet before, during and after the event. Most people know how important it is to provide Wi-Fi at an event and create a hashtag to encourage live tweeting. But it is just as important to ensure that your event feed is tweeting regularly before and after the event too. If you run an annual event but don’t tweet at least once a month during the ‘quiet’ time, you risk being unfollowed by people that use applications such as untweeps, which automatically unfollows twitter users that don’t tweet often enough.

2) Get LinkedIn. Even though LinkedIn Events is no more, as we reported last month, you can still use the profile update function to inform people in your network about your event.

3) Pay attention to the weather. Event magazine recently outlined how planners can mitigate harm to their participants, brand and event when the climate proves unfriendly. By putting in place a contingency plan, such as getting in extra water to prevent delegate dehydration in the event of a heat wave, you could ensure things still run smoothly.

So, at the very least, pay attention to both your Twitter feed and the weather forecast to help ensure that your event is a shining success in 2013.

And Happy New Year from all of us here at Aspectus PR!

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