On a typical day at Aspectus PR, there are meetings with clients, phone calls to journalists, internal reports, and coworkers dancing around the New York office wearing Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton masks…

The old adage ‘Do what you love – love what you do’ is certainly applicable to the Aspectus culture. Naturally, we recognize that the nature of our clients’ businesses calls for a highly professional approach and an appreciation of the nuances that define their corporate and strategic goals.

Nevertheless, it’s an ability to strike the right balance between work and play that makes being a part of Aspectus such a dynamic experience. We often throw around the phrase ‘the Aspectus family’ when referring to our colleagues wider afield because camaraderie and nurturing strong relationships truly reflect our company culture. We participate in Skype meet and greets (aka ‘speed dating’) between offices, as well as regular buddy lunches, and the occasional salsa dance class.

And in the midst of the holiday season, we take time to sit back and reflect on how lucky we are to be a part of a company that is for lack of a more elaborate word, fun to work for.

The US office recently received our holiday gift from our friends in the UK: a large box filled with magical British-themed treats, Diamond Jubilee paraphernalia, and masks of the British royal family. In true Aspectus fashion, we had to take full advantage of the gift with a few impromptu snaps (see our favorite – above right).

At Aspectus PR, we’re making business news, but we’re also having a great time while making business news. And the US team can’t wait for the UK office to see what’s in store for their holiday present!

*Cue maniacal laugh*

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