EngineeringWe are very passionate about Engineering here at Aspectus. And we firmly believe that the next few years will be pivotal for the UK in terms of economic growth and driving innovation. At the same time, we recognise that there are a number of challenges facing the sector, so we have three wishes for Engineering in 2013:

  1. We’d like to see more students being encouraged to choose engineering as a career. We were pleased to read that University of Sheffield has gained planning approval to build an £80m engineering faculty in response to a forecasted increase of 1,600 engineering students by 2020. With so many exciting developments in engineering, such as 3D printing and machine-to-machine communications, which drives the Internet of Things, a career in engineering could be a very wise choice for those looking for fulfilling roles
  2. We hope the Energy Bill will drive a flurry of investment and innovation for UK engineering. It was great to see that EDF Energy has launched its first annual Energy Day to highlight career opportunities and the importance of engineering to the UK economy.
  3. We’d like to see a greater increase in female engineers. A study by the Royal Society of Edinburgh revealed that engineering boardrooms have the fewest number of women. We have met, and work with, many inspiring female engineers who find the career very rewarding and we hope more will follow in their footsteps

As we enter 2013, we look forward to helping more firms in this crucial sector communicate the benefit of their work and helping them to achieve their ambitions.

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