This week, DECC announced that “Gas will support decarbonisation of the electricity mix” as it published its Gas Generation Strategy. The department states that the new strategy “sets out the important role that gas generation  as a reliable, flexible source of electricity  will play in any future generation mix, supporting a secure, low-carbon and affordable electricity system.” This is a controversial announcement, as Twitter reaction to DECC’s tweet regarding the #GasStrategy illustrates.

As discussed in our recent blog on the Energy Bill, no energy source is without its controversy; whether that’s the concerns over the cost of renewables to the consumer, ‘ugly’ wind turbines, or solar farms that are ‘desecrating’ the landscape.

In the case of gas, concerns are largely focused on its carbon intensity, the safety aspects involved in extracting it, and the potentially negative effect increased use could have on wholesale gas prices.

At Aspectus, we recognise that each energy source comes with benefits and drawbacks – whether that’s their impact on employment, economy, environment, or cost to the consumer. Thus we are firm believers in the benefits of promoting a diverse energy mix.

For our clients, we aim to involve them in an honest and open debate based on facts and statistics that help their target audience understand and consider the bigger picture.

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