Regular readers may remember that one of the Aspectus team visited the 3D Printshow last month and came back a changed person. The office has been buzzing ever since, with talk of additive manufacturing, polymer resins, and the many extraordinary applications this revolutionary technology could serve.

However, one of most exciting aspects for us has been the 3D scan that the Aspectee had taken at the show and the possibilities that this technology opens up – such as creating blueprints for manufacturing, improving medical care, sculpting and even fashion!

In fact, we didn’t have to wait long to see a finished 3D product for ourselves, as our intrepid 3D printing enthusiast received an early Christmas present: A 25cm statuette of herself produced by EuroPac 3D. This 3D printed model is built from the aforementioned scan, which took just a few seconds to perform, while the model took about 2 and a half hours to produce. The level of detail is incredible, from creases in trousers to buttons on coats and fingernails on hands; the model is a faithful reproduction of its human counterpart.

Although we’ve read many articles on the future of 3D printing and its potential to change the world, it was still awe inspiring to actually hold a finished product. It seems that the future is a lot closer than we think…

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