Over the last thirty days there have been highs and lows. Our fledgling moustaches have repeatedly left us pulling at the sparse hairs in frustration and furiously trimming the hair at the corner of our mouths to stop the itching. However, as the weeks wore on, we found ourselves stroking them absent-mindedly and, as they thickened into something worthy of being called a moustache, we found ourselves becoming, dare I say it, slightly fond of our facial hair?

There has been talk of grooming kits, waxes and all manner of combs. One member of the Aspectus team switched from being desperate to shave in Week 3, to deciding to make his ‘tache a permanent fixture by the end of week 4 (regardless of what his wife has to say on the matter…). We will be tweeting a few photos of the Aspectus Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, so do keep an eye out.

For now, the finished follicle follies (or should that be masterpieces?) can be seen below.

Movember - Aspectus PR - Week 4

Movember - Aspectus PR NY As a PR agency, we can’t help but admire the marketing campaign that has driven Movember. Helping London’s most famous gentleman, Big Ben, sport a moustache was a fantastic stunt and captured the imagination of the public and press alike. The social media campaign kept the event in everyone’s mind and the hashtag #Movember trended almost every day of November.

We’d like to say a huge ‘Thank you!’ to all of those that have donated. After a slow start, we’re proud to have raised more than £500.00 for Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research. So now all that’s left to do is bid farewell to our moustaches. For all the moaning and patchy growth, I think at least one member of the team will feel a tinge of regret once the evidence of their Movember is circling the drain.

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