And it’s great to see that the UK Government has realised the potential of this technology too having announced a £7m 3D printing pot. It’s rare that a trade show can elicit such excitement, but it would have been impossible to have walked around the event and not be impressed.

From architecture to zoology, it seems that there really is a 3D printing solution for everything and there was a wide range of items on display. Some that caught our eye were 3D printed archaeological relics, underwear, tableware and a guitar.

One of the most memorable moments for me personally was being 3D body scanned at the Europac 3D booth, which only took a matter of seconds. Once the computer file is generated, the image can then be printed in 3D, providing the perfect mini-me gift for your grandma’s mantelpiece.

Thinking about it more seriously, 3D body images are likely to have a great impact on shopping, security, surgery and more in the not too distant future. Another key take-away was the fact that you can now buy a 3D printer for $399, making the technology affordable too.

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