While creating a post-event report on one of our largest B2B event clients, we realised that the blog readership had not only doubled, but grown an impressive 280 per cent since we started working with them three years ago.

Despite the fact SEO and social media have taken centre stage in recent times, the power and importance of the blog has actually been enhanced by them. SEO and social media help to ensure that content is reaching the largest relevant audience possible, so the boost in traffic they can provide blogs makes perfect sense.

Blogs also engender a level of engagement with the target audience that is difficult to achieve through traditional media and offers a richer, fuller experience compared with the brevity of a 150-character tweet or short Facebook post.

For one of our clients for example, we recently introduced speakers, advisory board members and key event issues through a guest blogging campaign. With thought leaders and industry experts speaking on behalf of the event, we were able to spark debate and discussion and offer real insight into the key issues that went on to define the exhibition.

So although social media and SEO may be the current hot topics (and here at Aspectus PR, we’ve been advocating for some time that they should be integrated in to a B2B event PR campaign as a matter of course), if you think they can take the place of the traditional blog, you can think again – and blog on!

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