The Aspectus PR team has been very excited about the developments in 3D printing and was pleased to see the topic is gaining more mainstream and even red top attention – with The Sun reporting this week that the world’s first affordable 3D printer had gone on sale.

Called the ‘MakerBot Replicator 2’, it allows users to design anything from toys and gadgets to jewellery, and uses a special bio plastic that creates objects layer by layer, instead of printing ink onto paper. MakerBot Industries has opened a shop in Manhattan through which it will aim to sell the joys of home fabrication to the general public.

However, there are also concerns that 3D printing is threatening the manufacturing industry and that it might even be a boost for pirates and terrorists. These concerns are of course valid, but so too are the numerous benefits that 3D printing can bring, such as a reduction of CO2 in the supply chain.

One thing’s for sure, interest in 3D printing is going to increase and we’re certainly looking forward to attending the 3D Print Show later this month.

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