At Aspectus PR, we are mildly obsessed with the brilliance of Prezi software and the zooming, twirling, twisting pizzazz it brings to any business presentation.

Gone are the days of the static slide show. Now, we’re loving how our swirling Prezi performances can add the ‘wow’ factor to a presentation. A cloud-based application, Prezi allows users to create a storytelling atmosphere by adding movement and flow on a virtual canvas to what would otherwise be a linear and prescriptive experience.

As a global PR and communications agency, we are constantly working with our clients to tell their stories in a more dynamic, compelling and innovative way, so Prezi provides the perfect complement to a communications strategy.

Prezi’s CEO, Peter Arvai, says that ‘creating a visual journey lets your audience know where they are and where they’re headed and that helps to create a sense of context’. This vision fits seamlessly with our approach to communications and public relations, in which every media conversation requires context.

For those companies looking to enhance their communications style and strategy, here are Aspectus PR’s ‘three Bs’ to keep in mind for creating a captivating Prezi:

  • Branding: Don’t be afraid to tweak the default settings. By incorporating your logo, you can transform your Prezi into a brand-conscious marketing tool.
  • Bubbles: Get creative! Draw circles around similar thoughts or separate concepts into individual bubbles, and use Prezi’s grouping features to easily show your audience how a concept fits into a greater schema.
  • ‘Bam!’: Pow! Swish! Kaboom! No, these exclamations are not just captions from the old Batman television series. Add emphasis to ideas in Prezi by flying across the screen, zooming in to make a word stand out, or rotating around a central-point to show fluidity in your thought process.

In a world that is constantly seeking the next step in dynamic technology and ever-more effective ways to communicate, Prezi really can help you benefit from the new-wave in business presentations. (And just in case you are wondering, they’re not an Aspectus client.)

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