LinkedIn EventsAre you making full use of LinkedIn’s Events function? Hidden away under the “More” tab, it’s not immediately obvious to find. However, once you do find it you’ll notice it has great potential from a research and promotional perspective. Not only can you use it to identify events in your area of interest, but you can also use it to promote your attendance at an event.

If you click that you’re “attending” an event, on the event’s LinkedIn page, then the event will be added to your profile and your network will be notified. You’ll also appear on the event’s LinkedIn page. You do have the option to post something on the page too, but make sure it’s nothing too salesy.

Finally… clever LinkedIn will suggest people that you may want to meet at the event and it is surprisingly accurate. So rather than shuffle around an event trying to find out who to speak to, use LinkedIn to research who to meet and then go to your event with a laser focus and key contacts in mind. Consider LinkedIn as a vital tool that can be used to support your marketing and PR efforts.

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