And so with the furore surrounding Prince Harry’s Vegas shenanigans barely behind us, the issue of privacy has been thrust firmly back into the spotlight with the news that French magazine Closer has published topless pictures of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Whether it’s the long lens of the paparazzi, or simply a punter with a mobile phone, it seems that for Royals and celebrities, there really is no escape from the media glare – whether its beside a private swimming pool in Provence or partying hard in Vegas.

Ever since the photos of Harry’s stately charms went viral, and with suggestions that those of the Duchess could now do the same, feelings continue to run high, with the national and international press, PR heads, and the general public queuing up to have their say. But could these intimate views of the Royal pair actually represent ‘good’ PR?

Without a doubt, the whole affair serves to remind us that members of the Royal Family, while often being perceived as separate from the rest of society, are of course, ‘just like us’ [or perhaps, those of us that are not afraid to bare all in the name of sport or an all over tan].

But the worrying aspect of what would otherwise have been representative of a typical young man or woman on holiday is the lapse in security and what many construe to be an invasion of privacy by the media.

It has to be said that Clarence House has done its best to smooth over the Vegas incident, while a poll by the Mirror revealed that the young Prince had actually shot up in the opinion of the British public. Similarly, sales of Harry’s Hawaiian trunks have also shot up since the escapade, as have enquiries for trips to Vegas.

While the full impact of the topless photos of Kate Middleton has yet to play out, it seems fair to say that the ‘Harry effect’ has indeed chalked-up a PR victory not just for the Royals, but purveyors of fine undergarments, package holidays and, dare I say it, the historic game of billiards.

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