But with the rapid growth in the energy industry, it’s not always easy to gauge the mood of businesses and consumers when it comes to the most pressing issues.

With this in mind, Deloitte has published its second annual survey gauging current attitudes towards energy consumption and management. As PR practitioners, what stood out for us is how a company’s energy efficiency reflects on its brand. According to the study, 85 percent of companies view the reduction of electricity costs as essential to staying competitive from an image perspective.

While companies acknowledge the impact of energy efficiency on their bottom lines, it seems the value of energy efficiency has also become part of corporate brand strategy too. In fact, 76 percent of companies surveyed in 2012 are actively promoting their green/environmental efforts to clients and customers. At the same time, consumers are now more demanding of businesses, with 63 percent of survey participants stating that their customers expect them to offer more environmentally considerate solutions.

Given these findings, energy PR practitioners clearly have a greater role to play in helping companies disseminate accurate information to their consumers on their energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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