Things are really heating up in the oil and gas world. Reports have come out from both sides of the pond claiming that fracking is safe and Shell has stated that although gas is “the backbone rather than the back-up” of the global energy supply mix, the industry must change public perception about unconventional development methods.

So, public perception needs to change then? Some of this will be down to Oil & Gas PRs, obviously in careful conjunction with the CSR teams at the industry’s major players. Twenty years ago this might have meant a slick campaign glossing over all the bad bits. But (thankfully) times have changed. Good PRs are not ‘spin doctors’ anymore, they don’t ‘greenwash’ and they certainly don’t omit all of the bad bits (or at least, we don’t at Aspectus PR).

Instead they help companies to establish what they need to say to people and get those messages across in an open, measured and accessible way. This type of PR helps to combat all the misinformation in the media and enables people to make informed decisions about something, which is really the only way to truly alter public perception.

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