Ever since the 2012 Olympics commenced last Friday, the team here at Aspectus PR has been making a concerted effort to don the trainers or flats and do what human beings have been doing for millions of years, walk.

Not being strangers to a good walk to work, having taken part in the recent Futures For Kids fundraiser, we felt that this would be the best tactic to circumvent any complications with tube travel or road closures – at the same time taking in the sights and sounds of the City buzzing with the excitement of the Games.

Certainly, the Olympics are proving a marketing manager’s dream. There are more media opportunities, more people to target and more freedom for firms to get creative. Whether it’s with the five rings, or London 2012’s two beloved mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, everyone’s trying to find their golden PR moment.

Of course, striking a balance between savvy and ambush marketing has never been more important (or indeed complicated) as brands seek to win big at the London Olympics. The significant increase in footfall along London’s Southbank is proving a great opportunity for companies to reach out to a wider audience and benefit from a bit of Olympics magic. And I think it’s fair to say the capital has taken the bull by the horns on this one.

Here’s a few snaps for your viewing pleasure:

Olympics 2012 - boat Figure 1: The Olympics could be a life saver for some

Olympics - Boris bikes Figure 2: Thinking Boris should stick to this mode of transport…

Olympics mascot Figure 3: Ourfavourite mascot keeping an eye on the Olympics.

Olympics - tourist boards

Figure 4: A great opportunity for countries to promote themselves…

Olympics - EDF Energy lighting up the London Eye

Figure 5: We are definitely feeling the positive energy EDF

Olympics - Aspectus PR

Figure 6: If PR was an Olympic sport, Aspectus would definitely take home gold

We hope you enjoyed our visual delights from our walk as much as we did bringing them to you. And it got us thinking… what would a PR Wenlock or Mandeville look like?

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