An article published by CNN recently discussed the potential benefits of having dogs in the workplace and cited numerous studies suggesting that our four-legged friends help to reduce stress acquired over the course of the working day.

We here at Aspectus, couldn’t agree more.

Currently in the Aspectus office in New York, our computer monitors proudly display images of Penny, Lexie, Binky, and Boopie: just some of the Aspectus employees’ dogs. Our office is often brightened up by visits from our canine friends and they have undoubtedly served as cuddly stress-relievers during a hectic day in the world of PR.

There are said to be numerous benefits to having dogs in the workplace. According to research conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business, employees who brought their canine companions into the office were able to ‘cap the amount of stress experienced during the day, and improve job satisfaction for all’. Of the sample of 76 employees that were studied, those who didn’t bring their dogs to work reported drastically higher levels of stress by the end of the work day, whereas those that did showed higher levels of job satisfaction and perceived organizational support.

Only recently we discussed how busy the PR industry is nowadays. From conference calls and writing press releases to new business development, the Aspectus office is always bustling. Perhaps a way to combat the stress levels associated with being so busy is to bring a little bit of puppy love into our daily lives to help brighten up our days.

Now, if only Penny and Binky could help pitch to journalists to help with the workload…

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