The clue is in the title. For more than 60 years, Meet the Press, the North American Sunday morning news show, has featured headline-making interviews with every US president since John F. Kennedy as well as a host of world-leaders and U.S newsmakers. Everyone gets a grilling and it’s not always a pleasant experience.

Aspectus PR’s trade media keep our clients on their toes in much the same way. But while their questions will be no less incisive, it’s fair to say their interviews are far less combative. The sectors that Aspectus PR operates in – Financial Services, Energy, Engineering, B2B Technology and Events – all have their own unique news agendas but what they have in common is that they are all hugely complex, dynamic markets full of change. This means that when journalists meet some of our thought-leading clients, there is an opportunity to exchange, as well as test, ideas and angles. This is a two-way thing, for while our client might be able to clarify certain pieces of regulation or explain the latest thinking on the fundamental theorems of arbitrage-free pricing, our key trade journalists have their finger on the pulses of the industries they serve. So they too can provide insight, contacts and feedback on ideas or angles.

It’s a really important relationship. And for this to develop, a face to face meeting is essential. Even if it’s a few words exchanged in a coffee shop, it could be enough to form a nugget of a story. So Aspectus was delighted that Michael Schwartz from one of our longest serving clients, Triple Point Technology, fitted in a series of press briefings on a short London business trip recently. During a hectic morning, he set the seeds for a number of stories with Financial News, suggested possible directions for pieces with Energy Risk and provided background on wider commodity trading trends for Dow Jones.

While these encounters don’t have the intensity of Meet the Press, Hardball or even the UK’s own Newsnight, clients certainly need to be on their game to be seen as a valuable source for journalists as well as establish what they want to be known for, display their market knowledge, and show enough of a personality for journalists to want to come back for more. Fortunately for Aspectus PR and Triple Point Technology, Michael did just this.

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