Having trouble getting your message across? Too much ‘management speak’ making your potential customers want to jarg-on?

We received a most perplexing sales call here at Aspectus Towers the other day. When asked to cut to the chase, our intrepid sales caller said that in fact, she was not actually selling us anything; rather that she ‘finds solutions’.

When pressed, our caller failed to provide any level of detail on what exactly it was that she finds solutions to. And having ended the call ten minutes of surreal conversation later, we were left none the wiser as to what it was that was actually being pitched.

The enemy of transparency

Of course, it could be argued that with so many potential mediums now available through which to reach your intended audience, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say and how to say it. Nevertheless, it could just be that our use of language has become too opaque, too convoluted and, in the b2b industry in particular, simply too littered with jargon to make sound business sense.

In an excellent piece penned by Times’ columnist Carol Midgely, it is argued that ‘management-speak’ is the enemy of transparency. Midgely writes that she took just two minutes to identify the root cause of the G4S debacle surrounding the provision of security for the 2012 Olympics: “It’s largely down to the bulls***” she said; later adding “No wonder Mr Buckles didn’t know until July 3 that there wouldn’t be enough staff for the Olympics. He probably couldn’t fathom what anyone in his company was talking about.”

In plain English please

Certainly, there is a case to be made for ensuring the use of plain English for organisations in both their internal and external communications. Moreover, that every effort is made to ensure the use of technical and management terminology does not obscure the key messages being conveyed.

At Aspectus, we encounter this issue on a regular basis. Specialising in Financial Services, B2B Technology, Energy, Engineering and Event Marketing, we encounter more than our fair share of acronyms, jargon and lingua franca. But this is where our skills as a specialist PR agency really come into play.

We translate our client’s offerings and key messages into clear, concise and compelling content that brings a topic to life, explains the business benefits and ensures the intended audience absorbs, understands and acts on what they are being told. Aspectus represents a number of fantastic firms with great stories to tell and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate their successes in a way that a much wider audience can understand.

At the same time, we recognise the importance of using multiple channels by running integrated traditional media and social media campaigns for our clients and tailoring our storylines and content for each of the wide variety being harnessed. Ultimately, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. And with so many ways available with which to say it nowadays, surely it’s much more effective to keep it simple?

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