Here at Aspectus PR we make no secret of being passionate about our clients’ industries. In some cases, this manifests itself in what can only be described as full-blown geekery, so you can imagine our excitement when industry developments hit the main news agenda. The engineering team was testing the laws of gravity with its edge-of-the seat position yesterday as the world waited for the announcement from CERN.

The only thing we like more than an excuse to indulge our inner geek is ropey humour. In this case the two have collided (no pun intended…well maybe only a little bit). Twitter community, we thank you. Here are some of our favourites – let us know which ones you’ve enjoyed!

Joey Essex‏ @JoeyEssex_ Big up the science bods,that’s sick news about the God Particle!Know how you feel after my day in the lab creating Surf Summer D’reem

And with the last word, the Telegraph’s brilliant cartoonist, Matt.

Matt cartoon - Higgs boson

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