The energy industry is undergoing huge changes at the moment and many questions remain unanswered:

  • How can we best encourage investment in renewables and how do we integrate them with the grid?
  • Is it safe to harness the power of shale gas?
  • Will we meet EU targets?

The fact is that there are no straightforward answers to these questions and the result is often indecision at both a domestic and industrial level. For example, consumers cannot decide whether it’s best to invest in a wind turbine or solar PV because of the uncertainty surrounding government incentives in the form of Feed in Tariffs (FiTs); while major energy players are holding off investment in nuclear for numerous reasons.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to come across companies acting decisively. At ecoConnect’s Green Transport Business Network at Norton Rose last week, six companies involved in the electric vehicle (EV) market – including manufactures and other stakeholders – outlined what they are doing now. Providing a timely reminder that actions speak louder than words given the seemingly endless discussions around policy and infrastructure, companies such as Westfield Sports Cars and The Lightening Car Company have taken the bull by the horns and announced publicly how they are cracking on with bringing EVs to market.

Encouragingly, none of the companies present at the event felt that stagnation elsewhere in the industry would hamper their efforts. Rather, they argued that by focusing on creating a robust core technology, any further changes to the market could be addressed as and when they arise.

Of course, not all companies are able to take such a gamble, but for those that do, there is an exciting opportunity to pave the way in innovation, steal a march commercially and move the UK forward with achieving its targets on climate change and sustainability.

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