Aspectus PR’s energy team was lucky enough to be invited to the *Smart Specification Working Group’s interoperability event in London’s Westminster recently.

In a series of live demonstrations, key members of the SSWG proved interoperability between core Home-Area-Network (HAN) components, including smart gas and electricity meters and In-Home-Devices. Crucially, the SSWG was able to demonstrate the existing capability of smart metering devices from leading manufacturers to work together in the HAN using its set of open specifications supporting communication and networking.

This has provided a significant boost to smart energy rollouts in the UK and Europe, but at the same time leads us to another major challenge: communicating this success to a wider audience – or ‘Smart Grid PR’ if you will.

The energy industry is well aware that ensuring consumer buy-in remains a key issue despite the progress being made on the technology front. And with the foundation stage of Smart Metering in the UK commencing last year under the guidance of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), now is the time for industry players to get smarter in their approach to PR and marketing communications.

*Note: The Smart Specification Working Group (SSWG) was established in June 2010. It is a not-for-profit organisation, focused on standardising and accelerating the delivery of integral technological elements needed in the UK’s smart energy programme. Its members include key metering technology manufacturers, such as Elster and Green Energy Options (GEO).

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