The energy PR team here at Aspectus is always interested in hearing more about risk and investment in the sector. You might recall previous blogs where we considered whether new oil reserves would squeeze cleantech investment, or why renewables are seen as a more risky form of investment by pension funds than oil and gas.

Well, the recent Green in the City event entitled ‘Did Durban Deliver’ gave us more food for thought. Bob Ward, Policy and Communications Director at Grantham Research argued this fascinating point: fossil fuel investments do not appear risky in today’s climate because investors believe that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a viable option.

Some industry commentators point out that many types of CCS technology are still in the early stages of development and that progress is proving much slower than was originally anticipated.

The energy team will be eagerly watching developments in CCS, especially since its commercial viability has the potential to be a real investment game changer as the energy industry evolves.

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