Aspectus PR recently attended one of the most important conferences to date for independent broker-dealers and advisory firms – the Financial Services Institute (FSI) Conference in Orlando, FL.

Notwithstanding the already warm location, the panel sessions really heated up on a number of issues: straight through processing; not-in-good-order (NIGO); vendor integration; technology standards; advocacy; marketing your practice; regulations (such as FINRA 2090/2111) and much, much more.

With two of our clients sitting on panels in the operations and technology tracks, plus several interviews set up with the likes of Investment Advisor and Financial Advisor, we had a full day of PR conference support for sure.

To follow are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind for maxed-out industry experts and their supporting PRs in preparation for future financial services trade shows.


  • Get in a day early. It makes a huge difference being settled a day ahead of time.
  • Schedule your press interviews in advance, set an obvious meeting place and be prepared to slip away to a quiet spot where you can talk more freely and openly if required.
  • Bring a small (and light) laptop or tablet for taking notes, as there will be great information and since you cannot remember it all, it helps to get it down electronically and go back to it after the event.
  • Meet with your panel the day of your session to be as on-point and timely as possible.
  • Do something creative – e.g. NIGO ‘green guy’ at your booth to draw in more attention.


  • Let the time difference stop you from making the most of your time.
  • Forget to get cell phone numbers for journalists, clients, your PR team, as well as anyone you might need to contact from the show floor.
  • Try to be in two places at once. Trust your capable colleagues to keep the PR or business operations going while you’re gone and do what you’re there to do – learn the latest of what’s going on in the industry; network with the people that matter and share your ideas, knowledge, and company story.

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