While everyone else was hitting the pub ahead of the Royal Wedding on Friday, representatives of the energy industry, and members of Aspectus’ Energy PR team, were involved in a fascinating discussion regarding the UK’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR).

The question posed to the panel, made up of key spokespeople from Bird & Bird, Scottish and Southern Energy and NextEnergy Capital, was this: are the reforms ambitious enough?

Organised and hosted by EcoConnect, the debate was certainly lively, with each of the panellists and numerous members of the audience voicing strong opinions on important factors that should be addressed by DECC, the Government body overseeing the process. This included how to support the implementation of established renewables technologies along with the development and testing of emerging ones, and how to get round the lack of capital available to support the construction of new power plants.

For me however, the most significant point made over the course of the evening was by SSE’s Dr Keith MacLean, who highlighted the need for a focus on long-term energy goals rather than simply meeting environmental targets for 2020. EMR must promote sustainable and secure energy practises, he argued, and in such a way as to retain their relevance long after the first wave of renewables deployment has passed.

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