Written by Nicholas Koster

My name is Nicholas Koster and for the past week I have been gaining experience at Aspectus PR as an intern.

Having developed a keen interest in public relations during sixth form, I decided to take the plunge, embarking on a three-year public and media relations course at Swansea University.

Now coming to the end of my second year, and not having had the advantage of a placement year, I knew a short internship would provide me with valuable commercial experience, as well as a better idea of what a PR role actually entails. This, combined with the fact I probably would have spent most of my holidays sleeping and avoiding University work!

I contacted Aspectus because I already had some experience in consumer PR from a previous internship and wanted to see how it compared to a B2B environment. Specialising in the financial, technology and energy sectors, I knew Aspectus would be perfect, and I was thrilled when they invited me in.

During my time here I have been involved in a number of projects, but a real highlight has been working on a social media campaign for an energy company. With social media being an increasingly important part of modern PR, it was fantastic to learn about the professional side of it. I also got to spend a day at Infosecurity Europe, and it was great to see a PR practitioner in action.

My internship has also enabled me to improve my writing skills, providing me with experience of new and interesting approaches to blogs, articles, and pitches to journalists. And the skills and knowledge I have acquired in my short time here will not only give me an edge over other students taking my course, but provide me with a solid foundation for a future career in PR.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Aspectus for giving me the opportunity, being so supportive, and making me feel a part of the team.

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