Here in the fintech practice at Aspectus PR, we’re more than familiar with the concept of supply and demand, and the knock-on effect on price. Still, I think it’s fair to say that a couple of us were more than a little shocked by the extreme way this manifested itself in yesterday’s sunny weather in the UK. Upon deciding to treat ourselves to a highly sophisticated summery snack (oh ok, an ice lolly…) we were more than a little staggered to find the price of a simple block of iced juice in a tube had rocketed to £1.70!

Now I can’t vouch for the price during colder periods, but I’m willing to bet a Cornetto that this eye-watering price was the result of some short-term market drivers. Of course, the only way to validate this theory would be to check back when the English weather has reverted to type. Readers, you’ll be relieved to know that we at Aspectus PR will resolve to test this out over the coming months. Watch this space.

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