Amazing what some of our energy technology clients can do. One of them has developed a new device that harvests hot air created by the human body. The unit, which measures 30 sq cm and is just 5 cm thick, is inserted into the ceiling of a room and collects the hot air that rises from our bodies and as we speak. Then, using similar technology to that already deployed in micro CHP boilers, the hot air and conversation harvester (HACH) device turns that heat into energy that can be used around the house or sold back to the grid through government incentive schemes.

Keen to demonstrate his green credentials, the prime minster has had the prototype installed in the press office of number 10. The hot air created from that single device is said be generating enough power for lighting both numbers 10 and 11 as well as the cabinet office.

Just imagine if the HACH technology was installed in marketing departments up and down the country – thinkof the power all that hot air could produce.

In other green news…

Here at Aspectus towers, excitement has reached fever pitch about the Royal Wedding with the news that the bride has done a one-eighty on the wedding car. Instead of The Queen’s Rolls Royce Phantom, she will now travel to Westminster Abbey in a specially commissioned electric Bentley. Kate reportedly changed her mind about the Phantom amid fears over oil security arising from the Libya crisis; and Bentleys are now working around the clock to have the one-off special edition Bentley Continental ready for the big day.

We think this will go a long way to reinforcing the positive image of electric cars for city use and really hope Kate and Wills stick with the new Bentley for all their motoring needs while in London.

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