Commuting to work each morning I have learnt to savour the occasional moments of enjoyment that punctuate my journey; the completion of a tricky Sudoku, the sound of birds singing, a rare sunny morning. It was only recently I acknowledged the void of human interaction in my morning routine…

On the rare occasions that people do say ‘hello’, smile, or acknowledge me even, I always try my best to reciprocate the polite greeting with a friendly nod or grin. But in truth, so shocked at this spontaneous interaction between myself and a complete stranger, I often keep on walking.

Rather ironically, in the era of digital communications and the virtual world of the web, we are constantly encouraged to attract followers or ‘friends’ across a growing number of social mediums. Yet in the real world, we all seem to forget that there shouldn’t always be an agenda for spontaneous interaction. Even on the mornings when you’re running late or completely engrossed in the latest instalment of the Metro or City AM, you never know what a friendly smile may bring.

With the Internet and the web providing so many different ways of connecting with a multitude of different people across social classes, international borders and time zones, the art of saying ‘hello’ has become so much more than a brief exchange of words or facial expressions. But a friendly ‘hello’ to a complete stranger can still be just as effective. So from everyone here at Aspectus PR, ‘hello’ and ‘have a great day’!

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