Show season is well and truly upon us. By which I specifically mean financial services & technology conferences and events.

Here at Aspectus PR, our financial technology clients span Europe, the Americas and Canada, as well as Asia, which means that at this time of year, we are challenged with supporting activities at multiple shows taking place in multiple locations during any single week/month.

For us, this wealth of events is good news – providing a great opportunity to get our clients chatting to journalists face-to-face, and to build on the extensive range of PR materials we have worked with our clients to create over the longer term. These shows are a major focus, and that’s why we ensure that our clients are expertly represented on all fronts – with specialists available on the ground, backed by topical and cutting-edge content delivered via a sustained and targeted media campaign, and in respect of the issues leading the event agenda.

We’ve got a double perspective on this though, also working on the other side of the fence to help promote major energy events such as POWER-GEN Europe and Energy Solutions. We know that in this crowded and ultra competitive marketplace, differentiation is quite rightly high on the agenda for show organisers – both in terms of appealing to sponsors and delegates, as well as to members of the press. And in the current climate, an event’s reputation for good attendance, a genuinely stimulating and well-conceived programme and demonstrable ROI is crucial to its survival and will ensure sponsors and delegates return year after year. What’s key is communicating that to next year’s potential attendees.

Without that communication, it’ll be curtains…

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