The UK sees 40% of all the wind blowing across Europe, and has become a hot-bed of activity as emission reduction targets draw ever nearer.

With an installed capacity generating a total of 1,341 MW in an average year compared with Germany’s 92 MW, or Norway’s 2.3 MW, the UK has already established itself as a clear leader in Europe’s wind energy sector. And with continuing investment and innovation, the wind energy market is providing a host of opportunities for UK-based companies, a number of which are being harnessed by Aspectus PR’s clients.

Redpoint Energy has recently been commissioned by the Irish Wind Energy Association to provide a detailed analysis of the viability of wind in the Irish energy mix. Redpoint’s subsequent report concluded that increased levels of wind generation in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will eventually displace coal and gas-fired generation all together, and reduce the costs of electricity production, wholesale energy costs and retail prices for the consumer.

Another Aspectus client riding the wave of the wind energy boom is Evoco Energy. Evoco recently attracted investment from one of the UKs most prolific entrepreneurs, Lawrence Tomlinson, who has acquired a stake in the company and been appointed to the board. Meanwhile, the UK’s clean-energy sector has received a boost with today’s announcement by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) of a cross-Government action plan on climate change.

Backed by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the Carbon Plan sets out a vision of a changed Britain powered by cleaner energy used more efficiently, more secure energy supplies and stable energy prices, plus further benefits in the form of jobs and growth.

Certainly, the wind sector should be prepared for a surge of interest from industry bodies, investors and entrepreneurs.

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