It’s been a hard week for journalists. First, a study by YouGov for Prospect Magazine concluded that public trust in journalists from broadcast to print/online has continued to plummet. The long-rumbling debate about the threat to the profession by the power of citizen journalism  has been reignited by the recent turmoil in North Africa. Then yesterday we heard in MediaGuardian about the launch of a new site by the Media Standards Trust designed to identify ‘Churnalism’ – the practise by journalists of lifting large parts of press releases to put together their news stories.

It’s hardly surprising, given the huge increase in demand for information, fuelled by a 24/7 online news culture coupled with the ever-present pressure on editorial headcount. And of course, sometimes it’s entirely justified, particularly when it comes to official statements or technical details. Perhaps, though, it really comes down to the difference between information provision, and that of well-written and carefully-considered analysis and informed insight.

That’s a debate that will run and run, but it only reinforces our belief here at Aspectus PR, that quality content and ideas are key to a successful PR campaign.

I wonder what a YouGov survey of the level of trust in the PR industry would conclude..?

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