Cisco Live attracts thousands of IT professionals, innovators and journalists from all over Europe and this year took place at London’s ExCel Centre.

With hardware, software and telecoms companies in good attendance, Cisco Live provides the perfect stage for the latest and greatest technological advancements and announcements.

As its name suggests, the four-day event is hosted by one of the global leaders in networking, Cisco, and comprised a comprehensive educational programme, virtual conference and other interactive sessions – such as the inaugural ‘meet the engineer’.

Events like this allow us to get up close and personal with the technologies we talk about every day, as well as stay abreast of emerging trends – knowledge critical to the success of clients (past, present, and future). It’s only by getting out there and conversing with experts in the field that we’re able to stay at the cutting edge of B2B technology.

At Cisco Live, we were privileged to hear directly from this year’s keynote speaker, Cisco CEO and chairman, John Chambers, who gave his take on industry evolution, and the role technology will play.

Three key trends emerged from his address:

  • Video
  • Collaboration
  • The evolution of data centres

This was music to the ears of everyone in the Aspectus PR office. Our expertise, knowledge and focus as a B2B PR specialist is exactly in line with his vision. So, with one of the industry’s leading authorities forecasting a bright and exciting future, we know we’re doing something right!

Whichever way you look at it though, technical innovation will be driven by those who use it – both in business, and on the street. Already we’ve seen mobile phones morph and diversify into smart phones, cameras, and music players, whilst network speeds – both wired and unwired – have increased beyond all previous comprehension. Fax machines, floppy disks, letters/phone calls, and archaic green-screen PCs have all been largely consigned to history, replaced by email & SMS, portable storage media, laptops and (as some would argue) tablet PCs.

And with this metamorphosis showing no sign of abating, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in our industry. Technology has never been one to rest on its laurels though and, here at Aspectus, nor are we.

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