All the votes are in for the Aspectus PR Pants and Pinnacle Awards 2010 and it seems all you need to do to be Top of the PR Pops is keep the public waiting and deliver with a smile. Executing the plan perfectly this year were the royal sweethearts Prince William and Kate Middleton, who scoop the 2010 PR Pinnacle award. Not only did they warm the nation’s hearts by finally announcing their engagement after eight long years, but there was icing on the cake when an extra bank holiday was declared. Long live Queen Catherine!

However, as the PR Pants winners have proved, you can’t keep the public waiting too long. Yet again in 2010 we really believed that this was the year. Finally the World Cup was coming home. But it wasn’t to be. And so the poor show and broken promises of the England football team have landed the boys with nothing but a Pants prize between them. Well at least it’s something for the trophy cabinet.

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