Votes are flooding in for the 2010 Aspectus PR Pants and Pinnacle Awards . We are looking for your thoughts on which celebrity, sportsperson, politician – anyone in the public eye can be nominated – has had the best and worst PR this year. The coveted Aspectus PR Pants Trophy (very tasteful) awaits the worthy winner who will be announced tomorrow. Equally prestigious (and frankly looking a lot more like a trophy should look) is the PR Pinnacle Award for the person who has enjoyed, in the opinion of our thousands of discerning and thoughtful voters with absolutely nothing else to do at  the moment, the best PR image this year.

So who’s big in Pants at the moment? Gordon Brown, as you might expect from a man who seems to think PR stands for Public Rantings, is putting up a strong challenge. Cheryl Cole is also in the running for, well, being Cheryl Cole it seems. And someone has nominated the entire England football team. After overnight deliberations the judges have decided that although this technically breaks the rules, this is a special case and so the nomination may stand. Tony Hayward, yachting enthusiast and former boss of BP, has oiled his way into contention. And, of course, read-my-lips Vince Cable, the fallen angel of British politics and the man least likely to be invited to a student New Year’s Party, is on the list.

Competition for the Aspectus 2010 PR Pinnacle award is just as stiff… Kate and William are getting a lot of support because they are nice and wholesome and are getting married. Dannii Minogue who has done so many good things this year (name one, I challenge you), is also attracting votes. But then so is dear old Ann Widdecombe, the dancing queen darling of Home Counties Conservatives and a few others besides. Justin Bieber, the young Canadian pop singer, is in there, due to his overwhelming following on Twitter. From the sporting world Graeme Swann, the man who spins balls, is battling it out with boy-next-door footballer Gareth Bale. As with the Pants Award nominations we have a few group entries: Take That, the entire cast of Glee and, from some who are clearly desperate for a pay rise, all Aspectus PR’s clients.

We can barely handle the tension as the votes come in … results on this blog tomorrow.

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