As you can see from the photo, Aspectus Towers is looking suitably festive as we near that special time of year. The Aspectus team has also been entering into the Christmas spirit, with a slap-up meal at the newly refurbished Savoy Grill, a round of charades that saw an unnerving rendition of Avatar, and even some carol singing.  However, there has been one traditional ingredient noticeably absent this year – that old stalwart the Christmas card!

In Christmas’s past, Santa’s sack has positively bulged with cards from suppliers, clients, contacts, and friends. This year however, we have only received a couple, the best being hand-written affairs from some good friends. Whilst these have been happily arranged in pride of place on our desk, the fact is that they are beginning to look rather lonely. And it would seem that we are not alone, with reports that Londoners are falling out of love with Christmas cards. About 10 million fewer will be delivered to the capital’s homes and businesses than last year, according to Oxfam researchers.

On the other hand, it could be argued as a case of the pot calling the kettle black, given that we have not sent Christmas cards for a number of years. Instead, we have given our email signatures the annual festive tweak, and will instead be donating the money we would have spent to two very important causes – the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

So I suppose we shouldn’t complain. As much as we like receiving cards at Christmas, we’d much rather the money be put towards helping those less fortunate.

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