Here at Aspectus, we’ve never doubted either the power or the influence of social media – anyone who has spoken to us over the last few years will testify to this.

However, there can be no greater endorsement in these modern times than for Hollywood to coming knocking at your door (red carpet, cash and a string of stars in hand) with the sole intent of making a film from your story. And so it has proven. ‘The Social Network’ hit the big screens this week, withJustin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield (soon to be portraying a different web-based role as the new Spiderman), playing out the rise of Facebook, there can no longer be any doubt in anybody’s mind that social media is here, and it’s here to stay. And with the film receiving rave reviews from critics, audiences and Aspectus employees alike, it seems certain only to further the dominance of social media in popular culture.

In a similar vein, Twitter is said to be commissioning a film in response to ‘The Social Network’. It’s only a short film but rumour has it the directors have managed to squeeze in 140 characters…

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