Months of hard work here at Aspectus culminated on the 6th and the 7th of October with the Energy Solutions show and conference. Running the PR campaign for an event like Energy Solutions is always a rollercoaster affair and no two events are ever the same. Running alongside an energy industry moving faster than ever before, this show was no different.

As with any event, the time and preperation required by the organisers is a mammoth task, but this is where PR can lend a huge hand. Maximising press exposure, organising complimenting ‘mini-events’ and assuring that anyone talking about energy is doing so hand-in-hand with the Energy Solutions Show all help to whet the appetites of journalists, attendees, industry experts and future exhibitors. Of course it helps to have the highest calibre of speaker and presenter participating as we did with Energy Solutions, but this alone does not guarantee crowds of people through the doors or words in print.

Yet this is what makes a campaign like this so exciting; a sustained period of intense preparation followed by two or three days of watching all that hard work pay off. What we’ve been left with is a hugely impressive coverage book, a happy client following a massively successful show and a personal sense of having added value to one of London’s premier energy events. So was all the hard work worth it? Absolutely – and we can’t wait to make next year’s even better!

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