After seeing the launch of the new season of The Apprentice this week, I had a look at their CVs and it’s immediately apparent just how varied a bunch they are. In the mix are ex surgeons and recent graduates and a huge majority of the candidates are listed as having travelled or lived for an extended time abroad, having run businesses across the world or having been trained to a high level in another proficiency. Of course, this could just be that these types of people make better TV viewing, but it did get me thinking about how anyone from any background can become successful in business.

Looking at the business world today there are several examples of successful businesses which have got off the ground due to a motivated individual. William Chase, of Tyrell’s crisp fame, was declared bankrupt when he first tried to fulfill his desire to become a farmer. But, he picked himself up and learnt from the experience and is now boasting a turnover of £10m a year. Similarly, no one can forget Levi Roots’s stand-out individuality and his background and drive has most certainly helped him and his Reggae Reggae Sauce brand to achieve huge sales in a short space of time.

All this goes to show that when looking to succeed in business you can look beyond the nine to five and in fulfilling your other passions it can do more for you than you may first think.

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