statistics graphLast week, Ruth Barnett from Sky News was sharing her wisdom at PR Week’s Meet the Media event and before she gave away some great tips to PRs about how to get their brands/products/people onto the outlet, she spoke about the media landscape changes that the channel was responding to.

Ruth proudly told the audience that Sky News was one of the first outlets to start operating across multiple media platforms. She went on to explain that this approach has led to the organisation becoming the third largest news portal in the world.

But the successes of the channel itself were soon to be eclipsed by Ruth’s next point: in July, for the first time ever, more people accessed Sky News via their mobiles than through their computers and its iPhone app is being downloaded, on average, 10,000 times a week. These simple statistics really made me think about the huge shift in the way media is being consumed and they certainly underlined the point Ruth was trying to make.

They also illustrated something the Aspectus team had been saying in a new business pitch a few hours earlier about the need to have great stats to back up what you are saying to journalists. Journalists need hard facts and data to hang their stories off and drive the news point home, so PRs need to remember to sell in the figures as well as the vision.

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