blank signpostIt never fails to amaze me how differently people see things. Take yesterday. My housemate forgot her keys, so came to get mine on her way home, leaving me explaining the best way to jog home from Cavendish Square. Simple, I thought. I knew I could explain it really well – I know the route well (though I should be honest, I’m more of a walker than a jogger), and there are plenty of landmarks that I thought she would know.

But not so. I was picking out landmarks that were barely on her radar, while the things she was using for reference were as new to me as if they’d shot up that day.

That set me thinking. I know our very own Kate navigates by food outlets. My mother, on the other hand, gives me street names. My other housemate goes the whole hog and tries to actually embody it: “So my left arm, here, that’s the main road…”.

It always amazes me how differently people can see what is essentially the same thing. And however experienced we may think we are when it comes to pitching a story, getting that all-important explanation in on the phone to a busy journalist, it’s a salient lesson to remember. As PRs, the more open we can be to adapting our thinking to a journalist’s, instead of sticking to our own view of the issue, the more likely we are to get a conversation off the ground. And that gives us all a better chance of getting to where we want to be.

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