Social media and the PR profession have developed a strong relationship over time; every PR agency worth their salt now considers digital promotion as well as traditional media. Promotional strategies have developed to include things such as copy writing with search engine algorithms in mind, using distribution services to push content around the internet and running company blogs to build a community.

The task which now faces the PR professional is to take this one step further and make sure that all activity in the campaign is maximised for the digital world, as well as the traditional. This may be quite a task to start with, having to convince a client that social media isn’t taking away from a traditional campaign, but is instead simply another way to get their message heard and drive leads to their business. But it’s worth it in the end as working digital content in to the day-to-day world of PR opens up many opportunities.

One extremely useful tool for companies to use is the network of blogs which are available. Successful bloggers have an extremely targeted and already captivated audience that presents a great opportunity for PRs to reach out to. To find print publications with such a following is a gold mine, so there’s no reason why blogs should be treated any differently. The problem is that a slightly different approach is needed when interacting with bloggers, which is why they are sometimes forgotten when pitching clients to the media. The need to build a relationship before the pitch is even more apparent with this medium as it’s so much more accessible to do so through their online world.

When you do pitch, having commented on previous posts and referencing back to earlier threads should be a common courtesy and is much more likely to result in a positive response from the blogger. Once this relationship has been forged the blogging network opens up, offering PR professionals a new reader base to complement their traditional methods and get more from their campaigns.

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