So what really IS the key to success? Ask any technology business these days and you’re sure to hear the resonated answer of – innovation!

Only a few years ago, the rankings of the world’s biggest technology companies adjusted at a glacial pace, but in today’s economic climate speedy innovation has become an ever-increasing trend, and a subsequent marker for success.

This is a lesson Microsoft has learnt to its detriment. Lagging behind in the innovation stakes, its crown of ‘world’s biggest technology company’ has been duly snatched away by global giant, Apple. Known for its products of all things ‘i’ – iPod, iPhone, iPad, it is safe to say that Apple has firmly set the innovation bar. Although, not to get complacent with their crown, sales figures suggest Google’s android-powered smartphones outsold those running Apple’s iOS in the first half of 2010, by a sweet margin of 27% to 23% of the US market.

However, it’s not just the flash consumer giants with their latest techy gadgets that should be receiving all the glory and column inches. Innovation is at the heart of many business agendas and particularly so for Aspectus PR’s clients.

Step forward the Fidessa Fragulator. Scooping this year’s ‘Most Innovative’ award from Inside Market Data and featuring in Finextra’s ‘innovation showcase’, the Fragulator has proven to be one of the trading community’s most valuable assets. It is considered by many in the industry to be the finest barometer of fragmentation and has truly cemented Fidessa’s position as a thought leader in its field.

Next up in the firing line – snom technology AG, who has made telephonic waves in the Voice over IP (VoIP) industry for its innovation expertise. Highly commended in the category of ‘most innovative product of the year’ in the ITSPA 2010 awards, the snom 870 has hit the market with a deafening bang. snom’s latest model, the m9, offers additional wireless functionality and we’re eagerly anticipating all the chatter this device will generate.

It’s not often that you can say one of your clients attracted the attention of royalty, but our dream became a reality when Sentec was presented the Queen’s award for Enterprise in International Trade. Over the past three years, Sentec has more than trebled its overseas earnings to 4.3m, rightfully earning the company the queen’s commendation for exceptional growth.

Aspectus PR is very proud to congratulate its clients on taking the innovative road to success and it can’t wait to ride the next wave of innovation!

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