So said Eric Schmidt, the chairman and chief executive of Google, in his address at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. Even allowing for hyperbole in the excitement of the occasion and the fact the some of us still have at least some sort of life that doesn’t involve a mobile phone, Schmidt made several telling remarks. First, he said that Google now saw itself as a ‘mobile first’ business with developers producing mobile versions, applications and software before desktop ones. Second, he claimed that smartphones would soon outsell PCs. Small wonder then that Microsoft have pulled out all the stops with the latest version of its mobile operating system. Experts say it really does challenge Apple in several areas. Now we hear that 24 mobile companies, including O2 and Orange, have joined forces to create a single platform for app developers. Come to think of it, perhaps Eric Schmidt wasn’t in such need of a good lie down after all. Maybe we are all going to live life in mobileland.

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