graduate job(Written by Sarah Blower)

Graduating is always a bitter-sweet experience: you are celebrating because you’ve achieved something which has taken up your past three years, but you are also commiserating at having to start again. Along with the other 300,000 people who are looking for their next step and wondering which direction to take…

Fortunately, I decided which career I wanted to pursue halfway through my course, and this meant I was in a much better position when I started my search for employment. I was able to secure a position here at Aspectus PR and since starting I have really seen what it’s like to be a part of the PR industry. I’m glad to say that it’s all I’d anticipated: relationship-building, skilful writing and varied tasks.

There is also such a wide variety of clients to work on, which surprised me slightly, as I knew I was joining a niche financial technology and energy agency. Another pleasant shock was just how in touch the company is with social media. As a comfortable member of Generation Y, I thought I had it pretty sussed. However, until I started working with social media on a professional level, I had no concept of the impact of social networking for businesses and the amount of work this involved.

And as for making the jump from graduate to young professional? From someone who hasn’t always been completely enthusiastic about the 9-5s I’ve worked while on internships in the past, I can now stress what a difference it makes to like your job and colleagues. So, long may it continue. But I’d still never say no to an extra lie-in or two!

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