Energy PRThe concept of the smart grid is a bit of a sweet spot for us here at Aspectus PR. With clients ranging from developers of “smart” fridges that can help balance supply and demand on the grid, to advisors to the UK government, to engineers designing the latest and greatest smart meters to the people finding a way to communicate all the data, we’ve got a pretty good perspective.

Because all our clients come at this from different angles (we won’t have competing clients, ever) this presents a number of opportunities. Not only does it mean we can get to know the space well, but it can be handy for journalists too: we can give them access to a number of different players in one fell swoop. With smart metering increasingly occupying the headlines (all domestic houses will have smart meters for gas and electricity by 2020) and with the UN Copenhagen climate changes summit just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to get them all together for a debate, and to invite some journalists to join us.

The panellists were:

– Jim Hayward, managing partner of Baringa Parters, advisers to DECC on the smart meter roll out

– Duncan Sinclair, director of Redpoint Energy, also involved with the DECC consultation

– Mark England, managing director, Sentec, a company which develops smart meters for the global market

– Paul Lazarevic, sales and marketing director, RLtec, developers of grid-balancing technology

– Eugen Mayer, COO, Power Plus Communications, which specialises in communication technology for smart grids.

With topics ranging from increasing the amount of renewable energy we use, to the relationships consumers have with their suppliers, to where the technology might go in the future, it was a broad discussion, with some really interesting points raised, perhaps more so than tends to happen in a one-on-one interview. Particularly fascinating was the debate around changing consumer behaviour – an interesting thing to track as smart meters begin to be rolled out. If you want to find out more about what was discussed, or to speak to any of the panellists individually, just get in touch.

These events succeed or fail on the strength of the panellists – it’s really exciting for us all here at Aspectus to be working with such high-calibre companies, especially given the changes facing the industry over the coming months and years.

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