As with life, so with PR: those things that are harder to come by are usually the things that are the most valuable. Often the way with case studies, particularly in the industries we’re in. When it comes to trading, risk management software or consultancy, for example, companies often want to keep what they’re doing under wraps. But there’s no doubt that a case study can be really powerful coverage for a client. After all, nothing says ‘we’ve done a great job’ like someone else saying it for you.

So for that reason it’s always something we pursue if we can, and just recently we seem to have had rather a good run of form on them. I don’t know if it’s because of the holiday season, or because of the recession or whether its something else entirely, but across energy technology, financial trading systems and financial services consultancy we’ve got pieces bubbling.

My theory is that it’s down to the desire to find good news stories in the current swathe of doom and gloom. After all, most case studies tell a positive story – in the case of our clients, a new product development, a new IT system implemented or simply a good relationship. Anyone else have any thoughts?

And my personal pick of the recent run: Broker Ambitions in this month’s Waters magazine, based on two case studies we wrote on behalf of Fidessa. The result? Good coverage for the client and the client’s client. And we’re using the piece to encourage more companies to agree to a case study. That’s what you might call a win win situation.

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